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Original Record Store


Our original record store, Daily's, on 11th Street in the Heights was one of the originals, one of those that defined what a record store was.  KNUZ had regular remote broadcasts from the store.  Popular recording artists of the day were frequent visitors.  And the store was a great local gathering place. 



Texas state dish: Chili

All pictures are Copyright 1994, Donald M. Daily, Houston, Texas, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

Most of the pictures on this page are from about 1948.  All were taken at our Heights record store.  

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Hank Williams (Senior) with "Smiling" Jerry Jericho

HankW-JJericho.jpg (38064 bytes)

Hank Williams with Biff Collie, KNUZ DJ at a remote broadcast at our record store.

HankW-BiffCollie.jpg (28365 bytes)

H.W. Bud Daily with Hank Williams at a record signing.

BudDaily-HankW.jpg (21125 bytes)

Hank Thompson and fans.

Smiling Jerry Jericho, Ben Christian, Hank Williams
Biff Collie

JerichoChristianHankWBiffC.jpg (28004 bytes)

Porter Fuller and Sonny Fisk worked with Pappy Daily
 in the jukebox business.

PorterFuller-SonnyFisk.jpg (36041 bytes)

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