About Glad Music Publishing

Welcome to Glad Music Company Publishing!

We are a historical Houston, Texas based music publisher that started our publishing beginnings in 1958. We are defined by some of the earliest and most classic country music copyrights of all time. We have been part of Texas and country music since 1933 (see Pappy Daily story, Original Store story).

The writers/composers of some of our copyrights include legends like Harlan Howard, Cindy Walker, Roger Miller, Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings to name but a few. Our catalog is home to some of these classic songs:Chantilly Lace, White Lightnin', If My Heart Had Windows, The Race Is On, She Thinks I Still Care, Lovebug and many, many others.




To submit your song demos in CD format by mail:

Submit from 1 to a maximum of 3 songs per submission. DO NOT send more than 3 songs maximum. If more than 3 songs are submitted they will not be heard. Please include lyric sheets. Make sure all your information is on your CD face and the CD jacket also.

    • Your Name
    • Your Street Address
    • Your Phone #
    • Your E-mail Address
    • Song Titles / Track Listing

We do not return CDs, lyric sheets etc. If you would like to receive acknowledgement your song was listened to, send a self addressed stamped envelope or please request a reply via email. Otherwise we don’t respond back to submissions unless further discussion is needed.

To submit your songs by MP3 format via email, please request permission by emailing Wes Daily at hwesdaily@gladmusicco.com.

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